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SingOn game for Playstation 3

How Do I Get SingOn?

Find a Playstation 3

You probably have it or your friend has it. You need to find it!

Get SingOn

SingOn is free to download from the PlayStation®Store. It’s easy to install!

Get a mic

Plug in a USB microphone and start singing. Have a blast!

Currently available in UK and Finland.

How Much Does It Cost?

£ 2.99 per night (3h)

Get a real taste of the full song library for less than a pint!

£ 5.99 weekend pack (48h)

Have a 48 hour non-stop party!

£ 47.99 for a year

The best option for the best singers, includes all features!

When you get a time pass from the PlayStation®Store you have access to SingOn’s entire library of thousands of tracks. The time starts running when you start your first song.

SingOn Mobile App

  • Turn your mobile phone into an easy to use and fast remote control.