About the Company

Hello and welcome to a new kind of singing game! SingOn is brought to you by SingOn Ltd. from Oulu, Finland. The company formed in 2009 with the goal to modernize singing games, turning them into something sleek and current with a simple, clean and modern interface design. Because of this the game has been designed for easy and agile usability so that everyone can grab a mic and have a good time straightaway.

An important point for us is to make sure SingOn’s always current. Our dynamic streaming services allow us to launch with thousands of songs and to update the game every week with new tracks. Even within the company we have widely varying music tastes so we know how important it is to offer something for everyone!

We didn’t want players to get frustrated hanging around waiting for the next track to be chosen. All you need to do with SingOn is plug in a mic and start singing. The Queue feature lets you add tracks while you or someone else is singing. This way you can have a non-stop party without the awkward silences.

We want everyone to try SingOn and that’s why we’ve made it easy for everyone to try it out for free. What you see is what you get and we are not afraid to show people what it is.

Our service portfolio also includes karaokegame.com which is a fun online karaoke with lyrics.